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If you are feeling distressed or pain, we are here for you.



Based in Tokyo, Japan, we provide counseling, consultation service, and Conditioned Reflex Control Technique to resolve your problem. We are here to help you with intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and harassment including stalking, sexual harassment, and bullying etc. Our goal is not just to rescue the victims, but to render the abusers/potential abusers harmless. Needless to say, we are here to provide help regardless of your race, sexual orientation, and gender identity etc.

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Every issue is different and so is our approach to resolving it.

We promise the confidentiality, and respect your privacy and will in any activities we may engage. 
A's Salon is here to help and welcome you regardless of your age, race, or SOGI.



Provide a safe space
where you can be true to yourself. We are here to listen and think with you.

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We make sure  that you are informed with professional advise, outside resources in order for you to resolve the issue as well as to state the outlook of your final goal.



Conditioned Reflex Technique is a medical treatment which cures your repeated behaviors or mood that are unwanted, some of these are commonly called "addiction". Substance misuse, alcohol, gambling, sexual behaviors, theft, arson, eating disorder, stalking, abusing, etc.

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​Referring to suitable outside resources, accompanying you to them, and other support that is necessary fo securing your safety and resolving the issue. 


Stalking and intimate partner abuse are violation of human rights. If you are victimized/involved in such a situation, please contact us.


Someone follows you without your permission?They keep contacting you even after you refuse them? If it is making you unsafe and causing distress, we'd warn you it is stalking. It can occur between a variety of relationships. It's best you seek help as soon as possible.

Intimate Partner Violence

Violence isn't only about punching and kicking. There's physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence, economical violence, and social violence.

Other Form of Harassment

If you are involved in a situation such as bullying, sexual harassment, child abuse and etc, get in touch with us. 
Even if your problem does not seem to fit in such categories, let us hear it. We believe that your fear and distress deserve help and support. 



​​後藤 稚菜 -Goto Wakana-

Graduated from Oregon State University with Bachelor of Art in 2014.
Worked for NGOs such as an after school for differently-abled kids, a domestic violence/stalker rehabilitative facility, and a harassment victim support organization.
Gained industrial counselor certificate in 2017, and CRCT certificate in 2019.  


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Wondering if your issue is applicable? No worry.

Any issue is applicable if it's causing you a trouble and pain.

The first contact is free of charge.

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Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10am-7pm